ResistryPAC was co-founded by Erik Johnson and Haney Armstrong. We are completely independent and free to choose the most effective way to pursue our goal of generating new donors and activists in order to win elections and build progressive political power.

Like many other resist groups, ResistryPAC was created in reaction to the awful results of the 2016 election.   Before they met, Erik and Haney searched for ways to effectively channel the outpouring of energy from blue-district progressives who wanted to shape the political future being contested across the country.

The PAC was inspired by which Haney launched in February 2018 to recruit volunteers into six San Francisco resist groups.  ResistryPAC continues that example of seeking ways to collaborate with other organizations to expand the base of progressive activists. Our membership in Swing Left’s TheLastWeekend alliance is a result of this cooperative spirit.

Erik is the Chief Operating Officer at Madera Group, a strategic communications and social marketing company specializing in online messaging and fundraising, internet strategy, online social networking, and video and multimedia production. He spent his early career as an environmental organizer and was a National Campaign Director for Greenpeace before becoming an award-winning producer of the video, interactive technologies, website design, and integrated communications.

Haney’s experience includes working for sustainable food and farming as the Director of Network Strategy for Roots of Change and managing online communities at Omidyar Network and Linden Lab’s Second Life. He also led produced broadband training programs at Ninth House Network and was a partner in the video and CD-ROM production company Adair and Armstrong.

Since we had no particular candidate, organization, or issue we needed to promote, we were free to imagine what would make blue-district liberals most likely to donate. We chose these motivators:

– a personal connection with faces and stories of candidates in tight races (potential donors should be able to identify with at least one of the nine diverse candidates)

– a way to channel the sense of obligation to volunteer for those living in blue districts (and provide the actual number of canvassing hours their donation will generate in swing districts)

We picked nine candidates in very close House races across the country, mostly from underrepresented populations: women, people of color, and LGBTQ.  We will raise money to generate volunteers in their districts who will canvass in the last few days before the election. We’ll recruit them via targeted Facebook ads that link to opportunities to sign up via We are partners with Swing Left and, based on their experience, we estimate the cost of recruiting someone who will volunteer for six hours is about $5.

We believe that this approach will increase both the number of blue district grassroots contributors and swing state volunteers, thereby giving ResistryPAC the chance to grow the base of activists, win elections, and enact progressive policies over the next several years.

ResistryPAC is raising $10,000 of seed funding. Everyone who contributes $1,000 or more will be recognized as a Founding Member of the PAC.

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